New additions and features

New Additions for 1.1.1

In a effort to enhance user experience and accessibility, I have introduced new styling for the validation and warning messages within the ‘Style Contact Form 7’ plugin. These enhancements are designed to make the messages stand out more prominently and ensure they are easily legible, thereby improving the overall form interaction and usability.

The validation messages, which prompt users to correct errors in their form inputs, now feature a vibrant background color and clear, contrasting text. This change ensures that the messages are immediately noticeable, reducing the likelihood of user frustration due to missed prompts. The new background color for validation messages is a striking shade of red (#f85d5d), paired with white text to guarantee high readability. Additionally, I have added subtle styling touches such as rounded corners and padding to give the messages a more polished and modern look.

Similarly, the warning messages, which alert users to issues that need attention, have been styled with a distinct color scheme to differentiate them from other types of messages. By using a bright yellow background color (#ffb900) and white text, these warnings are both attention-grabbing and easy to read. The consistent use of padding, font size adjustments, and border-radius across all message types ensures a cohesive visual experience, making the form elements more user-friendly.

These styling updates not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ‘Style Contact Form 7’ plugin but also significantly improve its functionality. By making validation and warning messages more visible and legible, users are more likely to complete forms correctly and efficiently. This focus on clarity and user experience underscores our commitment to providing top-notch tools for website developers and administrators, helping them create seamless and accessible web forms.



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